Provably fair

Selection of the winner:

One ticket equals $ 0.01 in wagering (1 ticket = $ 0.01 of the skin you submitted, for example: $10.00 Skin = 1000 tickets).

The more tickets a player has, the more chances he gets. Once a round is over, the winning ticket number is calculated based on the random percentage and the total number of tickets using the following formula:

Round Hash:

The hash is an md5 encryption of "", the percentage and the round secret in the following format:

When the round is over, both the secret and the winning percentage are revealed.

You can check if the hash matches with them by completing the form below correctly.

Round hash verify:

You can check every lap here. If the parameters are entered correctly, the winning ticket number of the round will be displayed.

Daily points

You will receive daily 3 $P.
You need to have in your nickname to claim free daily points.
Click here to edit your nickname.
Maybe you need to relog to update your nickname.